Experimental and Computational Micro/Nano Fluidics and Heat Transfer

Experimental and Computational Micro/Nano Fluidics and Heat Transfer

Ali Koşar
  • Micro/nano Scale Fluid Flow/Heat Transfer and Microfluidic Devices

    Kosar group is one of few pioneering groups in the design and development of new generation micro heat sinks and microfluidic devices. The group's research interests constitute a wide spectrum covering MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems), heat and fluid flow in micro/nano scale, nanofluids, forced convection, two-phase flow, and cavitation. Kosar group aims at contributing to the literature by removing the lack of information about micro/nano scale heat transfer and fluid flow and providing experimental data and design guidelines for futuristic cooling and microfluidic system technologies.

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Mahmut Faruk Akşit
  • Micro Hydro Turbines

    As we near the end of petroleum age, hydro-power receives enthusiastic attention as a clean and renewable power source. Since most of the hydro-power capacity remains untapped in many small streams, micro-hydro turbines hold the key to utilize this distributed energy which freely discharge to sea. Research at SU involves complete system development for micro hydro-power plants, including design and development of the turbine and the power control units.

  • Turbine Blade Reverse Engineering

    Turbine blades constitute some of the most challenging components in gas turbine design and fabrication. Research on turbine blade technology at SU has started as reverse engineering of existing gas and steam turbine blades. Activities include CMM, surface modeling, 3-D solid modeling and analysis.